Establishing a MAT - steps and issues to consider

The purpose of this session is to ensure that governors are aware of and fully understand the process and pitfalls involved in their school becoming an academy and/or establishing or joining a multi academy trust.

There is a particular focus in this session the role of a the trust board in considering the implications of forming or joining a MAT, delegation of responsibilities in MATs, the accountability of the trust board. The session also explores the steps to take to become an academy or part of a new or existing MAT.

The session will also raise the need for the governing board to think realistically and strategically as to whether to stand alone or collaborate through a MAT and which option will lead to the best outcomes for children and young people.

This two hour session is designed to be delivered either to the whole governing body and the senior leadership team or to a group of governors and senior leaders from different schools.

If the session is delivered to a whole governing body the consultant will liaise with the chair and the head to ensure that the session meets their needs and fits the context of the school.

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