NGA Learning Link

The National Governance Association (NGA) has announced plans for a new online training
platform launching in the summer term of 2017.



‘NGA Learning Link’ will provide users with access to over fifty modules curated by NGA’s expert team

of policy and information specialists. Modules will be comprehensive and cover a range of
governance-related topics including: strategy, team work, assessment, staffing, financial oversight,
elements of effective governance, compliance and collaboration to name a few.

There will also be eight new induction modules for governors and trustees. These will be free to
all governors and trustees placed with Inspiring Governance, the online governance recruitment service.  

To deliver this NGA will be working with one of the UK’s top e-learning companies, Virtual College.

Heidi Copland, Business Development Director at the National Governance Association, said: “It’s essential for governing boards to commit themselves to ongoing training and development. New governors and trustees should be in no doubt about what their powers and responsibilities are and how to carry them out effectively. We think training should be high quality, low cost, tailored to the individual and accessible 24/7. Virtual College shares this vision and we are very excited to be working with them on this project.”

Paul Aber, NGA’s Head of Training Development, said: “At NGA we continue to look for innovative ways to deliver quality learning and development in a low cost way. In the last few years we have upgraded our training and development offer to include leadership programmes for chairs and clerks, as well as external reviews of governance in schools and multi academy trusts. We’re putting all this experience and expertise into building the best online learning for school governors, trustees and clerks.

“Our partner, Virtual College, has a reputation for building great learning platforms and developing courses that reach learners wherever they are. NGA Learning Link will cater for people at all stages of their governance practice – new and experienced. What’s more, NGA Learning Link will provide us with some really exciting possibilities for training and development in the future. ”

NGA recognises that the way governors and trustees want to learn is changing. It can be difficult
to find time to attend training in person and courses are getting more and more expensive.
There is also a strong desire for training to be tailored to the skill set and learning requirements
of individuals.


NGA Learning Link will support users to learn in a way that suits them - remotely, in the evenings
and at the weekend, with 24/7 support.  It will be inexpensive and particularly benefit those new
to governance by giving them a head start; immediate access to essential information, guidance and
further reading during their first months as a governor or trustee. NGA learninglink will also help
those in rural and remote parts of the country where it is often difficult or inconvenient to attend
face to face training.

In the last ten years, NGA has led the way in exploring how technology can maximise great
governance, through the Guidance Centre, a Chairs 360 degree appraisal and Evalu8 -
the governing board self-review tool
, to name just a few.

If you are interested in buying NGA Learning Link for your governing board or a group of
schools, please contact Bill Kiely today at: or call us on: 0121 237 3780.

NGA Learning Link will launch in the summer term of 2017.

Current users of GEL will be migrated across to NGA Learning Link once it is live.