Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust

A new NGA guide for newly appointed trustees

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Our new guide Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust is out now and available to buy.

Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust provides high-quality practical information on MAT governance structure and practice for new trustees and senior leaders,whether they have previous experience of governing in standalone schools or organisations in other sectors.
NGA Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust

Nine packed chapters explore how to be a successful MAT trustee, covering:

  • The legal role of trusteeship: introduction to a MAT
  • The culture and ethos of the trustee board
  • What makes governance in a MAT different?
  • The business of the board including meetings of members
  • How schools work: curriculum, assessment, safeguarding, complaints and exclusions
  • Knowing your schools: how to tell if your trust is doing well, chief executive reports, visiting school and performance data  
  • Staffing: senior executive team, staffing structures and HR
  • Fiduciary functions: accounts and managing the budget and insurance
  • External agencies: Ofsted, charity commission, Department for Education
  • Growing the Trust: is there an optimum size for a MAT? Getting it right and routes to expansion
  • Glossary  
  • Plus much more.

Who are these guides for?

Quite simply, if you’re a MAT trustee, chief executive, senior leader or clerk, this guide is essential reading. If you're an NGA member, take advantage of our 50% discount offer.  


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