Code of Practice

The National Governors’ Association has for a number of years recommended that governing bodies adopt a code of practice which sets out the purpose of the governing body and describes the appropriate relationship between individual governors, the whole governing body and the leadership team of the school. We recommend that the code should be thoroughly discussed so that the whole governing body has ownership of it, and, once it has been adopted, the governors should be asked to review it and sign it, on an annual basis ideally at the first meeting in the autumn term.

We know that many governing bodies do already have a code of conduct and indeed ours has been based on a number of codes already in use. However there are also many governing bodies which do not yet have a code of conduct and the NGA wants to help spread this good practice. Each governing body may want to tailor this recommended code to their own situation, but this gives them a starting point which is built on the best practice from around the country. Thanks to all of you who have already contributed to this code of practice.

What's been updated

The current versions were last updated in June 2013. A model suspension procedure was added to the academy codes at Annex A, with the maintained school versions having been updated to include the most recent Constitution Regulations.

The Code of Practice for maintained schools:

Word version (maintained schools)
PDF version (maintained schools)

The Code of Practice for academies:

Word version (academies)
PDF version (academies)

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