In January 2017, NGA provided written evidence to the Public Accounts Committee's inquiry into the financial sustainability of schools. 

Summary of key points:

  • NGA is increasingly concerned about the sustainability of schools and their ability to offer what should be core services to their pupils.
  • While the Department for Education (DfE) has improved and increased the materials it produces to support schools to use funds more efficiently and effectively, these are not communicated well.
  • NGA supported the new national funding formula (NFF) in principle as a mechanism for achieving fairer funding, but as proposed the NFF will not in NGA’s view end the school funding postcode lottery and will simply make life harder for many schools in the lowest funded areas.
  • The DfE is operating in silos: its funding approach is not working hand in hand with those looking at school organisation. The DfE is wanting to encourage schools to group together, but the funding proposals do not incentivise this, in fact they make it more sensible for schools to remain as single entities.

Take action:

Step one: download our template letter to MPs and amend it to suit you and your circumstances 
Step two: go to find your MP and send them the letter
Step three: let us know that you've done it

Read our evidence to PAC in full

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