December 2014 - Ofsted Better inspection for all

Summary of proposals from consultation document
This consultation document proposes the following key changes to the way we inspect from September 2015.
  • Proposal 1: a common inspection framework for all early years settings on the Early Years Register, maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools and FE and skills providers. This framework will mean that the same judgements will apply in each of these remits.
  • Proposal 2: introducing shorter inspections for maintained schools, academies and FE and skills providers that were judged good at their previous inspection. These short inspections, conducted approximately every three years, will report on whether or not a provider has maintained its overall effectiveness but will not provide a full set of graded judgements.
  • Proposal 3: conducting a full inspection of non-association independent schools within a three-year period.

These proposals are a careful evolution of the way we inspect now. For some time, we have been bringing together its frameworks and the way it inspects the different types of education provision. We want to continue to improve consistency in inspection practice and so that parents, learners and others are able to compare settings more easily when making choices.

Published: 16/01/2015, by Ellie Cotgrave
Last Updated: 27/01/2016, by Sam Henson