Ofsted statistics - January 2018

In January 2018, NGA responded to Ofsted's consultation on changes to its statistical reporting of inspection outcomes for local authority maintained schools and academies. 

The consultation documents are available on Ofsted's website.

The key changes being proposed by Ofsted were:

  • To include the grade of the predecessor for new schools that have not been inspected, wherever possible, under a new category called ‘schools not inspected in their current form’
  • To present data for ‘university technical colleges’ and ‘studio schools’ as their own categories (currently they are combined with ‘sponsor-led academies’)
  • To change terminology from ‘maintained schools and academies’ to ‘state-funded schools’

Click here to read NGA's response


Published: 03/01/2018, by Fay Holland
Last Updated: 03/01/2018, by Fay Holland