Nominate a governor or trustee for a national honour

Nominate a governor or trustee for a national honour

An honour is for those who have made a positive difference to the lives
of children, adults and other people in their community. It recognises people who have made significant achievements in public life or committed themselves to serving their community. People who receive an honour have made life better for others.

An honour is not a reward for doing a “good day’s work”, or a reward for the length of service. It is about the impact the person has made. Therefore it is important to be specific about how the your nominee’s contribution has made a difference to children and young people.

"I’m pleased to see that governors are increasingly getting the recognition that they deserve in the public eye as well. You may well have noticed that the Queens Birthday Honours was littered with awards for people who contribute to school governance, including Clare Collins, Lead Consultant to the NGA. And I really would encourage you to nominate your fellow governors as well."  Rt. Hon Nicky Morgan MP, former Secretary of State for Education


Have you received local recognition or a national honour? Tell us about it. Email and you could feature in the next Governing Matters magazine.

What makes a strong candidate? 

A strong candidate is someone whom has delivered outstanding governance in their school, group of schools, local authority area or wider community. You'll be able to show how their work has had a wider positive impact and at what level this has been. For example, at local, regional or national level. Nominations should include examples and evidence to support these statements.

For instance, examples of how a governor has mentored other governors in their area, sustained or improved Ofsted gradings under testing circumstances, improved pupil performance data despite local pressures, or working to support a local association or network of governors. 

How to make the nomination

Visit our dedicated page for more information, application forms and contact details: