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The National Governance Association (NGA) and the Wellcome Trust have jointly developed the Framework for Governance, an essential document for all governing boards to help them effectively carry out their vital role. It is a flexible guide, so can be used by any school regardless of phase, type or governance structure.

Strong school governance is arguably more important now than it has ever been – governing boards have more responsibility and are held accountable for the performance of the school more rigorously than ever before. The Framework for Governance aims to help governors and trustees successfully meet these challenges. It sets out how governors can evaluate their own practice, using Twenty key questions for a governing board to ask itself; how to set the strategic direction for a school; and how to monitor progress against the strategy using high-level performance indicators that go much further than just exam results.

Lord Nash, schools minister with responsibility for school governance, welcomed the Framework, saying:
Governing boards are crucial to the success of our schools. Setting strategic direction is one of their core functions, but recent research shows that many find this challenging. The Framework for Governance developed by the Wellcome Trust and the National Governance Association provides a powerful tool for helping boards formulate an ambitious strategy and monitor progress against it. Using the Framework will help boards maximise their effectiveness, and secure the best possible education for their pupils. Well informed, sector-led, guidance like this is exactly the sort of support governing bodies need.” 
You can access the separate elements of the Framework by clicking on the tiles below. 
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