NGA Online Governing Board Self-Evaluation Tool

Evalu8ing your governing board

Good governance is essential to the success of any school and governors are keen to do their best for their school. But how do governors know they are governing effectively?

Three years ago the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) published the Twenty questions every governing board should ask itself which was designed to help governing boards to evaluate their own performance. These questions have been used extensively by many governing boards across England when reviewing their governance practice.

However, organising, distributing, explaining and analysing a paper based survey takes up a significant amount of time, and sometimes participants can be reluctant to be frank with their responses. In addition, identifying issues and the options for implementing any necessary changes can be tricky.

The NGA is very conscious of the enormous time commitment already required of governors and clerks and so has teamed up with Evalu8 to provide an online version of the 20 questions which provides a robust and time-effective solution for a very reasonable price.

What does Evalu8 for Schools include?

Governors can complete the 20 questions whenever they have the time, whenever it is convenient to do so.

Results can be produced by the administrator (typically the clerk) in seconds, literally at the touch of a button.

The results are set out in a clear colour coded format which makes it really easy to identify potential areas for development.

As with the chairs' 360 appraisal tool, included in the service is a telephone mentoring session with an NGA consultant. This is a very valued aspect of the chairs' 360 appraisal as it gives the opportunity to discuss the issues with an experienced professional who will help analyse the results ensuring that the key areas for development are identified, and will contribute ideas and suggestions for improving governance practice.

"I enjoyed the discussions I had with my mentor and found this aspect particularly beneficial."

This tool is suitable for all local authority maintained schools' governing boards, and for stand-alone academy boards.

Multi-academy trust boards

A similar tool using the APPG 21 questions for multi-academy trust (MAT) boards is also available. MAT governance is evolving rapidly and NGA has become extremely knowledgeable about the wealth of practice that is developing, including many of the pitfalls. The Academies Financial Handbook 2015 (paras 1.5.14 and 1.5.15 refer) requires MATs to review their governance arrangements and this tool is an ideal starting point for a trust board. It is available at the same price as the governing board version. 

Getting started

The package is available at £225. If your governing board are GOLD members of NGA you can take advantage of the special discounted price of £199.

Click on 'buy here' to book your online self-review. In the 'Special Instructions' box which appears towards the end of the ordering process, please provide the following information:

  1. The name of the school or MAT
  2. Name and email address of the administrator for the self-review (we recommend that this is the clerk).
  3. Which version you require: the 20 questions for governing boards or the 21 questions for multi academy trusts?

If you have any questions about the self-evaluation tool, contact us by phone on 0121 237 3780 or email

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