Value Added (VA)

The progress schools help pupils make relative to their individual starting points – rather than looking at raw results VA also takes into account the prior attainment, thus enabling a judgment to be made about the effect of the school on pupils’ current attainment

Vertical grouping

Classes formed (in primary schools) with children of different age groups


The agreed transfer of money from the budget heading to which it has been allocated to another budget heading

Virtual school headteacher

Looked after children are on a virtual school roll, and each local authority employs an experienced teacher to oversee the educational progress of all children under the care of that particular LA. The virtual school headteacher has the specialist knowledge to provide extra support to designated teachers. They also work with professionals in the Children’s Services department of the council and with all schools in the area to promote the education of children in care


The school’s vision should, in a few sentences, describe what the school will look like in three to five years’ time


A subject that would not be considered academic in the traditional sense. Students in key stage 4 and key stage 5 may undertake a vocational apprenticeship or qualification as a viable alternative to GCSEs or A-levels

Voluntary aided (VA)

A school set up and owned by a voluntary board, usually a church board, largely financed by the LA. The governing board employs the staff and controls pupil admissions and religious education. The school’s buildings and land (apart from playing fields) are normally be owned by a charitable foundation. VA schools set their own admissions criteria in line with the admissions code

Voluntary controlled (VC)

Voluntary Controlled: usually a denominational school wholly maintained but with certain residual rights regarding religious worship

Voluntary Controlled (VC)

Usually a denominational school wholly maintained but with certain residual rights regarding religious worship

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