FFT Governor Dashboard

In May 2013 Fischer Family Trust (FFT) launched the new FFT Governor Dashboard, developed in collaboration with NGA and Wellcome Trust. For the past two years NGA has been calling for governors to have a specific summary of their school’s performance, and welcomed the launch of Ofsted’s data dashboard early in 2013. Despite giving a useful overview of a school’s performance, the Ofsted dashboard is somewhat restricted and does not offer the depth of detail needed by governors for effective challenge.  

By contrast, the FFT dashboard includes a wide range of school performance indicators which have been calculated by FFT, including value added pupil progress for all subjects, attendance by year group and a summary of strengths and weaknesses for the school. It gives governors the information they need to answer questions about how results and pupil progress compares to other schools, and see which pupil groups (e.g. FSM/pupil premium) are making good progress.

The FFT Governor Dashboard helps school governors hold their school to account, support and challenge the leadership team and make more informed strategic decisions. It provides governors with information about:
  • Summary school performance: analysis of the main school performance indicators including attainment (pupil results), achievement (pupil progress) and a summary of strengths and weaknesses;
  • Subjects: an analysis of pupil progress in core subjects (primary) and GCSE subjects (secondary);
  • Pupil groups:  a simple chart showing the progress made by different pupil groups over 3 years including pupil premium pupils;
  • School context: a breakdown of school cohort by pupil groups (school and national);
  • Attendance: an analysis of absence (by pupil groups) and attendance (by year group).

You can see what the FFT Governor Dashboard looks like in the examples below. Governors will need to ask their school to download the dashboard with their school’s data from FFT Aspire.

Example of primary school dashboard

Example of secondary school dashboard

The film below explains how governors are using the FFT Governor Dashboard to help raise standards in their schools.

FFT and NGA have also collaborated to create two briefing guides for the 'Knowing your School' series - one for secondary governors, one for primary. The briefing notes give detailed guidance for governors on how to interpret data from FFT Governor Dashboard and use it to drive school improvement.

Knowing your School: The FFT Governor Dashboard for primary school governors

Knowing your School: The FFT Governor Dashboard for secondary school governors

All schools subscribing to FFT (most schools in England) will be able to download the FFT Governor Dashboard from FFTAspire (www.fftaspire.org) and share it easily with governors.