NGA Guidance: the role of members


Click here to access NGA's members guidance.


The members of an academy trust are the guardians of the governance of the trust. They have a limited and distinct role, but one which is often misunderstood.



To help academy trusts understand the roles and responsibilities of members, the National Governance Association (NGA) has published new guidance. The guidance applies to all academy trusts and includes a dedicated section which covers those trusts with a religious character.

Specifically, the guidance covers:

  • who members are and how many a trust needs

  • how members are appointed and what skills they need

  • where members fit into the wider governance structure and what they should do

  • how often members should meet, including details of the annual general meeting, and how decisions are made in these meetings

  • how members carry out specific tasks, such as changing the articles of association or removing trustees

  • what responsibilities members have if the trust becomes insolvent

As part of the guidance, there is also a “myth busting” section and a model members role description.


Click here to access NGA's members guidance.


Published: 07/09/2018, by Tom Fellows
Last Updated: 07/09/2018, by Sam Henson