Twenty-one Questions for Multi-academy Trust Boards

On 20th March 2015 the All Party Parliamentary Group for Education Governance and Leadership published a new set of 21 questions designed to help ensure that governance structures in Multi-academy Trusts (MATs) are fit for purpose.

Previously this APPG, of which NGA is Secretariat, has published the widely used Twenty questions every governing board should ask itself.

Chair of the Group Neil Carmichael MP said: “These Questions address really important issues. MAT board effectiveness is important, it’s important that we get the structures right and it’s important that we get executive leadership right. For that to happen we have to ask the right questions.”

Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, said: “High quality governance is vital to the success of schools and the quality of education they provide to their pupils. Given the number of schools they oversee, the boards of Multi-academy Trusts have a particularly significant role and we must do everything we can to help them do it well. I am therefore delighted to see the development of a tool that aims to help MAT boards reflect on and improve their performance. The 20 questions for governing bodies have been hugely popular and I hope that these questions for MATs deliver similar impact.”

Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the National Governors’ Association said: “With over half of academies now in a Multi-academy Trust, it’s essential that governors and trustees can be confident that their structure supports better outcomes for children and young people. MATs tend to have multiple layers of governance but their respective roles have not always been well defined. The Twenty-one Questions for MAT Boards are broad and challenging; they should provoke reflection and change for the better.” 

Sir Peter Simpson, Interim CEO of the Independent Academies Association, said: "IAA has always believed that governance of public organisations should be central to any debate on their performance. IAA members are increasingly experiencing the tensions implicit in executive governance. We welcome these questions from the APPG and NGA and the recognition given to the critical nature of MAT governance."

Brian Lightman, General Secretary at ASCL said: “ASCL welcomes the twenty-one questions for multi-academy trusts. Our blueprint for a self-improving system proposes that groups of schools are an important part of the way forward for the education system in England because they can take on wider system roles. For example, initial teacher education and creating greater opportunities for leadership development and succession. To stimulate the growth of groups of schools, ASCL has just published guidance jointly with NGA and Browne Jacobson on leading and governing groups of schools. The twenty-one questions are an important resource for leaders and governors of multi-academy trusts.”

Click here to download the new 21 Questions for MAT Boards.

Published: 09/04/2015, by Sam Henson
Last Updated: 15/06/2015, by Global Administrator