Download NGA guidance on executive pay (2019)

To support governing boards of academy trusts in setting a framework for the pay of their executive leader, NGA has produced this new, comprehensive guide, exploring key considerations that each board will need to focus on before making their pay decisions.  

Setting the framework for the pay of the senior executive leader and the leadership team in an academy trust is the direct responsibility of the board of trustees. They must retain control and oversight of this critical function.

They must also ensure that the pay and leadership structure is in keeping with the Nolan principles, affordable and sustainable in the long term, and appropriate for the level of responsibility.

This guidance focuses on the principles of ethics, public service and fairness that should be at the forefront of trustees’ decision making. This pragmatic guide includes important insights into the following areas: 

  • Government guidance on executive pay

  • Roles and responsibilities - the executive team

  • Remuneration and affordability 

  • Ethics

  • Your organisation


  • Thoughts from other sectors

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Benchmarking 

  • Pensions

  • Pay ratios 

  • Bonuses

How we support MAT trustees

As the MAT governance experts, NGA support trustees with an extensive collection of guidance, insight and training on their responsibilities and best practice.

NGA Professional Development includes a team of consultants experienced in carrying out external reviews of MAT governance; consultants can also support MATs with senior executive leader appraisal and performance management, and other governance and accountability matters.

All of our resources and recommendations are founded in our comprehensive evidence of what constitutes good governance in academy trusts. They include:

  • Community MATs network, an active forum for MAT trustees to share governance challenges, successes, ideas and best practice

  • Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust , an in-depth guide for new trustees and a useful reference for experienced trustees

  • NGA Learning Link has an interactive and practical module on MAT governance to support trustees in understanding and applying effective practice.

  • MAT case studies which enable MATs to share and self-evaluate their governance experiences and lessons learned providing other MATs with direction and insight

  • Bespoke guidance for MATs drawn from NGA’s own research, which provides rich knowledge and practical actions for trustees to use in their role

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