The pupil premium can, for some schools, amount to a large amount of money, the spending and effect of which schools must report. The Department for Education's policy details raising the achievement of disadvantaged children through the pupil premium.

The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 impose a duty on maintained schools to publish information in regards to the pupil premium. Schools must publish their pupil premium strategy on the website with the following details:

  • How much pupil premium your school has received for this academic year.
  • A summary of the barriers to educational achievement faced by disadvantaged pupils in your school.
  • How the pupil premium will address these barriers and reasons for this approach.
  • How the school will measure the impact of the funding.
  • The date of the next pupil premium strategy review.
  • How the previous academic year’s allocation was spent, and its effect (impact) on the educational attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

For academies, the requirement to publish how pupil premium is spent may be contained within the funding agreement. However, Ofsted will be looking to see how children who attract the pupil premium are making progress in the school as part of its inspections criteria, and will expect to see this information on the school's website.

Find out more details on website requirements.

Below we highlight some articles and reports into how to spend this money, in order to get the most cost effective results for pupils. 

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