Moving MATs forward: the power of governance is a comprehensive report by the National Governance Association which assesses the current context, oversight and practice of MAT governance and provides recommendations for improvement to those governing MATs and policymakers.

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Drawn from NGA’s extensive evidence base, the report explores eleven issues with governance and oversight which both impact a board’s ability to carry out its core functions: 

  1. Getting the right people around the table
  2. Organisational identity
  3. Ethics, culture, behaviour and relationships
  4. Who does what?
  5. Community engagement and accountability to stakeholders
  6. The future of the local tier
  7. Communication and information management
  8. Due diligence and risk management
  9. Growth, location and sustainability
  10. Oversight, review and holding trusts to account
  11. System leadership: collaboration and support other MATs and schools to improve

Governing a MAT is significantly different from governing a single school yet MATs are operating and being governed within frameworks and language rooted in a system designed for single schools. This system itself as well of the understanding of it has not evolved to meet the challenges and distinctiveness of MAT governance. Overcoming these challenges requires MATs being willing to share and learn from each other and from the third sector, and relies on policymakers and the wider education sector embrace the knowledge and experience gained over the past decade. 

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