Development for Boards

Development for Boards

The NGA Leading Governance Development for Boards programme is funded by the Department for Education and is designed for boards governing multi academy trusts or groups of schools, or boards of schools in opportunity areas where the school is judged to be requiring improvement. This is a consultant-led bespoke programme that will be tailored to your board’s circumstances to improve practice and outcomes.

Programme delivery

This is a bespoke programme designed for those who are governing in more complex circumstances. The chair or future chair of the governing board will join a development programme for chairs, and will work closely with a consultant analysing an online board self-evaluation, the results of which will inform an action plan for the governing board’s development. In addition, the consultant will engage with the whole board and senior leaders so that any further support such as coaching, mentoring and subject specific training needs can be identified and provided.

This programme consists of development for the board over a period of approximately three terms.

What's included in the programme?

Designed to suit each board’s circumstances, this programme will include elements such as:

  • development for the chair
  • evaluation of the board’s strengths and weaknesses
  • engagement with the board and senior leaders
  • support with creating a board action plan
  • additional training, coaching and mentoring support as required

Programme content:

The development programme for boards is designed for each board’s development needs; common aspects for all programmes will include the elements described below:

Leadership development

Programme length – approximately three terms

The chair or future chair will take part in a development programme for chairs, both developing leadership competencies and building a self-supporting network 

Board diagnostics

In the first half term

The board and senior executive leaders will complete an online board evaluation survey; an NGA consultant will work with the chair analysing the results and advise on the plan for board development

Board development

To run for about a term and a half

The NGA consultant will engage with the board through workshop delivery or bespoke training or meeting observation and will design ongoing support according to areas for development thus ensuring that that action planning is meaningful and on track


The final half term

The board will re-evaluate its effectiveness and, with the NGA consultant, progress and impact will be reported


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Benefits of the programme

This Leading Governance Development for Boards programme aims to develop governance so that even in more complex circumstances, it is effective by:

  • developing the chair’s knowledge, leadership skills and networks
  • ensuring that the board knows its own strengths and weaknesses
  • supporting the creation of an action plan which is both
  • realistic in scope and will ensure impact on governance
  • practice and therefore pupil outcomes
  • targeting areas where knowledge gain is required

Programme outcomes

The board will have a clear understanding of effective governance as follows:

  • board leadership will be strengthened
  • the board will be knowledgeable about governance structures, effective delegation, and how best to work with the clerk or company secretary
  • the board will be confident to carry out its role in ensuring school improvement and value for money
  • the board will be able to assess their own effectiveness and impact


Funding is available up to the value of £2,000. Please contact NGA to enquire about eligibility. 

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