Membership benefits

To access the benefits of membership, we ask that you provide a full name, email address and postal address for all governors, trustees and clerks. 

If you have not yet provided all your members details or you need to update us please fill in this spreadsheet and send it to our membership team. This information is normally provided by the clerk or chair, so please check that your details have not already been registered by them first.

Standard and GOLD members can register up to 25 governors/trustees/clerks, local associations can register up to 25 members of their executive committee, and corporate members can register up to 10 employees.  

Please note that these benefits will only become active once the application has been approved by the membership team and payment has been received. 

Members’ area of the website

This website no longer has a members' area. To make it easier to find information, we've combined all our resources. You will know which pages are for members only by a little membership symbol in the corner of an icon. To access these pages you need to log in. To do this, you will need to you the email address you registered with as the username, and a password that our membership team will have sent you. Once you're logged in, you will be able to access all areas. 


The newsletter is emailed to all members every Friday during term time with the headlines. To read the full articles you will need to access the members’ area of our website. If you don’t receive the newsletter email, please check your junk/spam folder before contacting the office. 


Full addresses, including postcode, will need to be provided for everyone wishing to receive the magazine. Individual members will receive a copy to their home address. Governing body standard members will get two copies sent to the school, and three named governors can receive it directly to their home address. GOLD members get two copies sent to the school, and one to the home of every governor. Corporate members can have up to ten copies sent to the company address. Up to 25 members of the local association executive committee can receive the magazine to their home address.  


Places at events can be booked online. Our upcoming events can be found here. Individual members can attend the regional meetings and annual conference in November for free. Standard members get one free place at all members’ only events. GOLD members get three free places at all members’ only events. Corporate members get two free places at all members’ events. Local associations get three free places at all members’ events. Places at our events are limited, and we cannot guarantee every member a place. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. If you book a place and don’t attend (without letting us know in advance) you will be charged a fee of £60. If you would like to book a place over and above your membership allowance, there is a charge of £60.

Discounted publications

To purchase guides at discounted prices, log in to the website and visit the shop. You can also call the office, or email with your membership number. 

Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts are available when you order over 15 copies. This is not available online; please have your membership number to hand and call the office or email Bulk discounts are not available to individual members. 

Updating your own details

Once you are logged into the website, you can update your personal details online. Click on the ‘Change password’ link at the top of the screen to take you back to your account details. Changes will need to be approved by the NGA office.



Free Welcome to Governance and Chair’s Handbook

As a new GOLD member, once we have received payment for your membership we will send you a welcome pack which includes one copy of The Chair’s Handbook, one copy of Welcome to Governance and the latest issue of Governing Matters magazine.

NGA publications

All GOLD members are entitled to a free copy of Welcome to Governance for every new governor. Send the details of new governors to the membership team via and we will send a copy of the publication. 


GOLD and local association members are entitled to legal advice and information. Email with your membership number, or call our GOLDline: 0121 237 3782. For full terms of the legal service, visit