Frequently asked questions


How do I add a governor to my membership? »

To add a new governor onto your governing body membership, just email their name, email address and home address to our membership team.

If you are adding more than one governor to the membership please complete this form and send it to


How do I find out whether my school is a member? »

If you get the Friday newsletter or Governing Matters magazine, your school is probably a member. If not, just call the office on 0121 237 3780, or email the membership team and they can find out for you.

I want to complain about governance at a school. What do I do? »

NGA is a membership organisation for governors. Unfortunately we don't have the power to deal with complaints about individual schools. You should ask for the school's complaints procedure and follow this. If you have followed the policy and are still not happy, you can contact the Department for Education.

I've just joined online, but can't access the members' pages. »

Once you've joined online, our membership team need to process the application and payment before it allows you access to these pages. It doesn't do this automatically. If you need access urgently, you can call the office and we might be able to rush it through. 

I've sent my membership application in. How long does it take to process? »

Applications can take up to one week to process during busy periods. Our membership team will email you with log in details and more information once the membership is active.

What should I do if I can't log in? »

You can try resetting your password using the forgotten password link. If you still have problems, you can call the office on 0121 237 3780 or email the membership team via