Hartlepool Governors Association

The Association is an independent democratic forum for the governing bodies of schools in Hartlepool which has, at present, the following governing bodies as members:

Barnard Grove, Catcote, Clavering, Dyke House, Fens, Grange, Greatham, Greatham, St. Peter Elwick & Hart, High Tunstall, Jesmond Road, Kingsley, Lynnfield, Manor, Owton Manor, Rift House, Rossmere, Sacred Heart, St Bega’s, St Cuthbert’s, St Helen’s, St Hild’s, St Teresa’s, Seaton Nursery, Stranton, Springwell, Throston, Ward Jackson, West Park and West View.


The Association exists:

1.    To be an independent democratic forum for all governing bodies in Hartlepool.

2.    To assist governing bodies to further the interests and education of children in Hartlepool.

3.    To promote the highest possible standards of school governance.

4.    To encourage co-operation and the sharing of good practice between schools and governing bodies.

5.    To further good relationships with the Local Authority (LA) and other relevant agencies.

6.    To provide a vehicle for expressing collective views of Governing Bodies and to make appropriate representation at local, regional and national level.



Member governing bodies elect a maximum of two representatives at their Summer meetings. If a vote has to be taken at meetings one of these representatives has voting rights, however all governors are welcome to attend meetings.

The Association holds four meetings a year, one in each of the school terms and an Annual General Meeting in November. Up to this point in time there has always been a speaker at our meetings who has given a presentation on a topic chosen by members at a previous meeting. At present we aim to keep the Association Meetings, which are held on Wednesday evenings, to a duration of two hours.


Services the Association provides to member schools

1.    A copy of the monthly ‘Bulletin Boards’ of the National Governance Association (NGA), of which we are a member, which contains useful information for all governors.

2.    An advisory service for governors of member schools. 

3.   Link governors have access to a confidential forum on the members' section of the website.

4.  Termly meetings with the Director/Assistant Director at which questions from members are discussed/answered.


Further Information

Please contact John Ibbotson, Chair of Hartlepool Governors’ Association.
E-mail address: john.ibbotson@ntlworld.com
Telephone: 01429 421280