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09/12/2019 12:52:28

Released last month Welcome to Governance is the eleventh edition of this popular National Governance Association induction guide for new school governors, trustees of standalone academies and those governing at a local level in a multi-academy trust (MAT). It is essential reading for anyone who wishes to gain a clear and practical understanding of the role and responsibilities of those who govern at this level. Those new to education can find everything they need to understand the often taken-for-granted language used in education, including an updated glossary of commonly used acronyms, an overview of the state school sector in England and the role of external agencies.  Welcome to governance sits alongside Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), the guide for those sitting on the MAT board of trustees.

What’s in the eleventh edition of Welcome to Governance?

The eleventh edition of Welcome to Governance has retained its established format thus ensuring that the information it contains is both accessible and easy to navigate through eight chapters, each of which covers a specific topic: an introduction to governing; education overview and national school context; vision and strategy; effective governance; knowing your school – finance and staffing; knowing your school – education data and improvement; holding the school to account and pupils and parents. In addition to these there are chapters that contain a model role description and the aforementioned glossary of terms.     

The eleventh edition has been updated to reflect changes to various statutory guidance and the introduction of Ofsted’s new school inspection framework in September. It sets out clearly the responsibilities that governing boards have in the school inspection process and refers to one of the most important parts of inspection, which is the ‘final feedback’ meeting, where inspectors share what they have learned about the school during inspection and give their provisional judgements. Welcome to Governance highlights the importance of as many trustees and governors as possible attending the final feedback meeting along with the clerk to the governing board, who takes a written note of the meeting that may be shared with all those responsible for the governance of the school, regardless of whether they were able to attend the meeting or not. The chapter that provides an introduction to governing has added a fourth core function of governing boards to the three listed in the DfE’s Governance Handbook: that absolutely essential function of ensuring the voices of the school’s stakeholders are heard – staff, pupils, parents, the wider community, local employers - which is in danger of getting lost under the huge workload of compliance and financial constraints

A new feature in the eleventh edition is the inclusion at the end of chapters 1-8 of the next steps that can be taken by those who govern based on the information contained in that chapter. This includes exploring the extent to which your school’s current governance practice is meeting the suggested standards and how you are developing your governance expertise and experience.

The wealth of information and further resources that our members have access to through NGA’s knowledge centre are referred to throughout Welcome to Governance and are intended to build knowledge, which remains the bedrock of good governance.

Purchase your copy

Welcome to Governance can be purchased by NGA members at the heavily discounted rate of £8 per copy. Purchase your copy of Welcome to Governance.   

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