School Governing Boards and CPD

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It is probably safe to say that most governors recognise that the quality of teaching is critical to the success of their school.  However, it is probably also safe to say that most governing boards are less sure about the strategies schools employ for supporting and developing their employees through continuous professional development (CPD), let alone question the school about the effectiveness and value for money of these strategies.  In recognition of this, NGA has chosen CPD as one of its focuses for the year.

We believe that most governing bodies truly value their staff and often express this through their values and ethos.  However, we would like to see governing bodies embedding the role of staff in the school’s vision too.  We take the view that a vision should express the school’s ambition, or what the school will look like in three to five years’ time, including what the children should have left school having learned.  This could also embrace what the school will look like for staff – the quality expected and the support given.  That way, supporting and developing staff will become a key priority, ensuring that not only will there be measures for success, but also regular monitoring and evaluation of the CPD strategies determined upon.  This then encourages debate on effectiveness and value for money … also key governor roles(article continues).

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