October 2016


Let’s be open minded when we consider who we employ to lead our schools

Friday, 21 October 2016, with 0 comments

Emma Knights considers the new research published by the Centre for High Performance, which should give governing boards hiring and rewarding school leaders in England pause for thought. 


Onwards and upwards? The rise of executive pay

Thursday, 20 October 2016, with 6 comments

NGA's Deputy Chief Executive, Gillian Allcroft, considers the state of executive pay in Education



Ministers have to stop talking about autonomy

Friday, 07 October 2016, with 3 comments

This week has seen the last of the party conferences, the Conservative party conference.  Education had a higher profile than usual with the Prime Minister’s inclusion of grammar schools in her speech, and fringes on education’s role in social mobility packed with party members, often with a majority of them against the expansion of selection.