Schools and Academy Show

13 November 2019

12:00 - 12:00

The Schools and Academies Show Birmingham
13-14 November 2019, NEC Birmingham
A free to attend the UK’s largest two-day education policy and best practice event. Designed for school and MAT leaders to support school business management.
With a host of governance structures to choose from, and the continuing need to review and adapt governance arrangements, the evolving education system presents both challenge and opportunity for establishing excellent practice.
Support your personal growth with the show’s CPD-certified seminar content and best practice workshops.
Join NGA and senior government speakers and association leaders from across the education sector to find out more.
NGA sessions:

Wednesday 13 November

• The Power of Governance 12:30 - 13:15
Speakers: Sam Henson, NGA Director of Policy & Information,
Tom Fellows, NGA Research Manager
This session will present a discussion on overcoming common governance obstacles in your MAT. Hosted by lead authors of Moving MATs forward: the power of governance. This session will give you the opportunity to share your experience and pose questions, while listening to advice on how to implement good governance in your setting.

• Sam Henson, NGA Director of Policy, plenary panel, 13:20-14:00
How Can Schools Become Enduringly Successful? The Secrets of the Architect Leader

• MAT summit theatre session – The Power Governance
Speaker: Sam Henson, NGA Director of Policy - 14:30-15:00
In this session, NGA explore key challenges facing MATs as the sector continues to evolve, emphasising the urgent need to increase the prominence and importance of governance across the system, and looking at 11 specific issues that have been identified through NGA’s extensive evidence bade. Through exploring these issues, NGA pose four key debates for the sector:
- Is the role of trust members in MATs currently concentrating power in the hands of a small amount of individuals?
- Is school improvement best served by geographically dispersed MATs?
- Should growing MATs above a certain sixe be discouraged?
- What are the implications of the changing role of school leaders in Mats and how might these work best?

Thursday 14 November
• Workforce Theatre – The Future of School Governance
Speaker: Tom Fellows, NGA Research Manager 14:30-14.50
In this session, NGA discuss the findings from the recently published School Governance 2019 survey, exploring the most prominent issues governing boards are facing today, and key considerations for the future of school governance.

• Building your Board – 45 Minutes – 10 – 12 Attendees, 11:45 - 12:30
Speaker: Judith Hicks, Head of Inspiring Governance
This session will cover all the stages of the recruitment process; identifying the skills & attributes your board requires and understanding how that will dovetail into the governance competency framework. It will also cover suggestions on where you can go for extra support, top tips to promote your vacancy, companies who publically support their staff governing in schools, right through to conducting the interview and training for new governors and trustees.

The session will cover:
• Evaluating: skills, composition & current practice
• Recruiting: attracting good candidates
• Appointing: interviewing and references
• Inducting: training & support
• Succession planning: moving on and ensuring leadership
Following the launch of the updated NGA guidance; the right people around the table, complimentary copies of the publication will be available from NGA stand after this session.

The NGA Information Hub (stand D20), hosted by our professional staff team, draws from the experiences of our 65,000 plus members, invites you to come and share your thoughts and learn more about what NGA does and how it can help you.
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