Release date: 27/04/2016

The National Governors' Association is 10-years old!


Officially we came into existence in February 2006, when the National Association of School Governors and the National Governors' Council merged to create NGA. Since then the  number of our school members has quadrupled. We now provide information, advice, guidance, training and consultancy to governors and trustees across England.   

Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the NGA, said: "NGA's board of trustees and I are proud that the organisation has moved from reflecting the state of school governance to leading the debates and setting the standards to which we aspire.

"We would not be here without our members. Thank you for joining NGA and for supporting us. Let's face the second decade of NGA's existence with the optimism that what we do is an essential part of ensuring children get the very best education that we can provide."   

Growing Governance

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we're launching Growing Governance: a national campaign challenging school governors and trustees in England to step up and set the educational agenda in 2016 and beyond, inspire others with their ideas and creativity and establish themselves as strategic thinkers and leaders.

Red-Tweet-01.pngOur goals

  1. Celebrate the difference made by governors and trustees as strategic thinkers and leaders who act in the children’s interests
  2. Increase education sector awareness about the role and responsibilities of school governors and trustees (particularly the responsibility to set the vision, and ethos of the schools and their offer to pupils)
  3. Challenge governors and trustees to step up and embrace the ability to take charge of the educational offer, and to publicise their actions to a wider audience, including MPs

Growing Governance Day 

We're asking governors and trustees to engage the whole school community in a debate about the education of pupils, with the view to creating or refreshing an exciting vision that brings together the whole school in determining it. 

Host a Growing Governance day at your school to really work on your vision and engage with the community? 
We've created a new resource pack exclusively for NGA members which sets out:
  • How to create a vision
  • Being strategic (mission, values and aims)
  • Achieving your vision
  • Turning vision into strategy
  • Evaluation
Combine our new Growing Governance resource pack with A Framework for Governance: a flexible guide to strategic planning, to give you everything you need to create a vision and strategic plan.
 NGA-Growing-Governance-Resource-Pack-5-jpeg.jpg Cover.jpg
But don’t stop there. Share your vision with the local community, local councillors and your MP. Talking about what you’re trying to achieve and the challenges you encounter in the process raises the proļ¬le of school governance and has the power to kickstart change. 
We hope this will be a real opportunity to improve the way you engage with your parents and your community. We hope you will be proud of what you produce.
Later this year, enter our Outstanding Governance Awards, when we’ll be asking you to include your vision. It is time for us to reclaim the educational agenda and creating a vision is just the start! 
Are you planning a Growing Governance day? Tell us about it! Tweet us @NGAMedia #growinggovernance and email [email protected]


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