Release date: 28/09/2018

Today (28 September), over one thousand headteachers from state funded schools in England will take action on school funding by delivering a letter to the chancellor of the exchequer in London.

The experiences of the majority of school governors and trustees in relation to funding support the view of headteachers. The recent report School Governance in 2018 by NGA and Tes found that:

  • Only half of respondents said their school is currently balancing income and expenditure
  • Almost a third of respondents said their school was drawing on reserves – of these, three quarters said that their reserves would run out within two years’ time
  • Just 15% of respondents said they receive sufficient high needs funding
  • Only one in five respondents were confident that they could manage current funding pressures without any adverse impact on the quality of education provided

See a summary of the report's findings on funding here.
Read the full report here.

Emma Knights, chief executive of the National Governance Association said: "Only one in five school governors and trustees - the people who oversee school budgets - are confident that funding pressures can be managed without negatively impacting the education of children and young people. Many schools have tried all available options to use their funding more efficiently and are now forced into a position where they must make difficult and damaging decisions. The underfunding of schools means that some valued teachers and support staff are losing their jobs, children's opportunities are being limited as a broad and balanced curriculum is cut back, and learning environments are falling in to disrepair. Today's action by hundreds of headteachers from across the country is an understandable response to sustained and acute cuts to school budgets. They will have the support of the vast majority school governors and trustees who volunteer their time with the goal of improving, not harming, education. We all want every child to have the best education possible to prepare them for a prosperous future. We urge the government to use the forthcoming budget to invest in the future of young people now and to relieve the consuming pressure facing the education sector." 

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