Release date: 27/09/2019

To gather the experiences of governing boards whose schools have been inspected under the new Ofsted education inspection framework, the National Governance Association has today released a feedback form which it is asking governors and trustees to complete.

The feedback form asks about the process of the inspection, inspectors’ interactions with those governing, what inspectors ask governors/trustees about, and the board’s assessment of the usefulness and effectiveness of the inspection.

Earlier this month, NGA revealed that the format of inspection reports is changing significantly and as a result there will no longer be a paragraph on the effectiveness of governance: NGA is concerned that the needs of governing boards are being overlooked in the new format as Ofsted reports are an important source of information used to oversee the education being provided at the school. In response to NGA’s concerns, Matthew Purves (Ofsted’s deputy director of schools) said that the final feedback meeting will be particularly important for governors and trustees, where inspectors will give a full and detailed picture of what the inspection has found. Recognising that not every trustee or governor is able to attend this meeting, it was also confirmed that the clerk to the board can take a written note of the meeting.

By completing the feedback form following their inspection, governors and trustees will help NGA to evaluate how those governing experience an Ofsted visit and whether it assists schools to improve. Responses will be fed back anonymously to Ofsted, in particular to ensure that the inspection process takes into account the views and needs of governing boards. Ofsted have committed to working with NGA to keep under review how inspections work for governing boards and the impact of the new format of reports. NGA will also use the responses to inform its policy discussions, and to contribute to its guidance for governing boards on Ofsted visits.

All governing boards whose school have undergone an inspection since 1 September 2019 are strongly encouraged to share their experiences using the feedback form. This will remain open for the foreseeable future, and NGA will monitor and respond to feedback on an ongoing basis.

Emma Knights, chief executive of the National Governance Association said: “One of our core objectives is to ensure that the views of governors and trustees are fully represented in the national arena, including to major educational bodies. By gathering feedback from those who are experiencing Ofsted’s new format inspections and reports, NGA can fulfil this important aim and ensure that any concerns, areas of confusion or successes are raised directly with Ofsted’s senior officials. You will be helping the system to improve, thank you.”

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