Release date: 18/06/2016

As  NGA celebrates its 10 year anniversary, we are campaigning to highlight the impact that effective and innovative governance can bring to a school. Our Growing Governance campaign is about making it clear to school leaders and policy makers the potential of governors and trustees across England. We want governors to take their rightful place at the forefront of setting the educational agenda by leading conversations around vision and strategy in their schools for 2016 and beyond.

Through Growing Governance, NGA want to showcase the endless opportunities and the enormous impact that having an ambitious, innovative and well implemented vision can make to a school or a group of schools. NGA are encouraging governors to share their vision on a local and national level with the community and policy makers. NGA want governors to show how vision, innovation, strong leadership and effective strategic planning are the building blocks of positive change.

Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the NGA, says:

“NGA doesn’t tell its members what decisions to make. We think that they, governing their local schools, know what is best for their pupils and community”.

NGA’s Growing Governance campaign focuses around three core goals:

  • celebrate the difference made by governors and trustees as strategic thinkers and leaders who act in the children’s interests
  • increase education sector awareness about the role and responsibilities of school governors and trustees - particularly the responsibility to set the vision, and ethos of the schools and their offer to pupils
  • challenge governors and trustees to step up and embrace the ability to take charge of the educational offer, and to publicise their actions to a wider audience, including MPs

We want governors to be at the forefront of championing educational excellence and to establish themselves as strategic thinkers and leader’s in England.

We are encouraging all governing boards across England to host a Growing Governance Day in their school. Here, governors will engage with the local and national community to create or refresh their schools’ vision and to encourage all stakeholders to get behind it.

To help governing boards to Grow Governance in their school, NGA have also produced a resource pack exclusively for members which includes information on:

  • How to create a vision
  • Being strategic (mission, values and aims)
  • Achieving your vision
  • Turning vision into strategy
  • Evaluation


To learn more about the Growing Governance campaign, including the Growing Governance Day and the Growing Governance resource pack, click here.


If you planning a Growing Governance Day, or want to share your vision, tweet us @NGAMedia #growinggovernance and email
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