23rd STRB Report published


Earlier today, the Secretary of State laid before Parliament the Twenty-Third Report of the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), alongside his response to the report’s recommendations in the form of a Written Ministerial Statement. The STRB is an independent body that makes proposals to the Secretary of State on school teachers’ pay and conditions in England and Wales. The 23rd report sets out the STRB’s analysis of evidence given by relevant organisations and makes proposals on teachers’ pay. While academies have freedom to vary teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions, the majority have decided to continue to use this framework

Summary of recommendations from the STRB’s 23rd report on teachers’ pay:

  • provide a clear and usable framework for setting the pay of school leaders, enabling governing bodies to match pay to accountabilities and the local needs of the school
  • provide greater freedom in setting the level of Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments, whilst retaining the main allowances used by schools and the existing safeguarding provisions
  • remove unnecessary detailed guidance on non-pay conditions whilst retaining the core statutory protections on teachers’ working hours (195 working days/1265 hours and time for planning, preparation and assessment.

The Secretary of State has stated that, subject to the views of consultees, he will accept all the key recommendations from the report.

The NGA agrees that governing bodies do need considerable flexibility to deal with these changes; however, it is essential that clear guidelines and examples are provided as to what roles and responsibilities should be rewarded at what pay levels.

We are therefore pleased to see the STRB propose that governing bodies should have access to benchmarking data, including on pay levels and on schools challenge/context, to support them in using discretion to make effective decisions.

We are also pleased to see the STRB underlining the importance of access to specialist HR advice as well as support from a professional clerk able to advise the governing body on their duties.

We completely agree with STRB that schools need to time to implement any changes to pay and conditions well.  However we are disappointed that STRB has not decided to be more radical with pay for middle leaders.  NGA believes middle leaders have been much overlooked in the past, and it is important that their role in improving teaching and learning is recognised and rewarded.  

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NGA’s response to the STRB’s consultation into teachers’ pay – April 2013