A national campaign to celebrate & improve school governance in 2016: help us find a name


February 2016 is NGA’s 10th Birthday and so, beginning in February, we will be celebrating governance and looking forward to the next ten years.  We will be using our anniversary year to:

  1. Celebrate the difference made by this volunteer force, the possibilities for the current year and the future;
  2. Increase education sector and parliamentary awareness about the role and responsibilities of school governors and trustees, establishing them as strategic and generative thinkers and leaders who act in the children’s interests;
  3. Challenge governors and trustees to step up, change gear and embrace the ability to take charge of the educational offer, using any flexibilities and freedoms we have got
  4. Counter the prevailing opinion that schools are always ‘done to’; to turn expectation away from the top-down to setting the agenda at school level, while still being part of local collaborations and a national movement

In short, the campaign will celebrate governance by a volunteer workforce, raising its profile but also challenge governors to change gear and use the freedoms and flexibilities we have been given in the interests of pupils.

The poll has now closed.

Such a national movement to celebrate and improve governance needs a name, a memorable but meaningful one which will not only gain resonance with governors but also educationalists and the wider policy sector.  Help us decide on what our 2016 campaign should be called. Please vote for your favourite:


Name for 10 year anniversary campaign What should the NGA call their ten year anniversary campaign? The poll is closed.
Growing Governance
Govern Greater
Greater governance
Leading Governors Lead
School governors changing gear
Strategy for success

If you can suggest something better, wittier, which rolls off the tongue, please send any thoughts to Mark Gardner.