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NGA is receiving increasing numbers of requests for recommendations of candidates to serve on Interim Executive Boards (IEBs), and this is likely to grow with the new Education & Adoption Bill.  Both local authorities and the Department for Education (DfE) need more people with governance experience in improving struggling schools. This may be as part of a successful IEB, or it may have been as a governor or trustee of a school which was once in special measures and is now good or better.  For more information about IEBs, see our Governing Matters article.

NGA has led a call for all IEB members to be paid, not just those who are education professionals, but also those with who bring governance or other skills to the table; many now are paid, and we will be asking all those who approach us for recommendations whether the position will be paid. 

If you are interested in being recommended by NGA as a potential IEB member, please send a governing CV to specifying the schools with which you have been involved over what period and a short description of the outcome, and how far you are prepared to travel. Before passing your details onto any local authority or the DfE, we will of course check that you are happy to be put forward.