Draft deregulation bill published


Yesterday, the Government published its draft Deregulation Bill, which is part of its Government’s Red Tape Challenge. Over 1,900 substantive regulations will be reduced or removed. The draft bill includes a number of provisions relating to schools, these are:

  1. All Governing bodies will be given the power to set their own term dates and holidays; currently academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools have this power.
  2. Governing bodies and headteachers of LA maintained schools in England and Wales will no longer have to regard the statutory staffing guidance issued by the Secretary of State in relation to appointments, discipline, suspension, and dismissal of staff. Schools will instead be signposted to advice and expert help.
  3. Governing bodies of schools in England will no longer have to produce a set of behaviour principles which the headteacher must take into account in drafting the school’s behaviour policy. Instead the headteacher will have sole responsibility for the behaviour policy.
  4. The requirement for governing bodies to have a Home School Agreement will be abolished. Currently, all LA maintained schools and academies must have a home-school agreement and take reasonable steps to ensure a parental declaration is signed. These documents attempt to outline the expectations on all parties and ensure a good relationship with the school. In future it will be for schools to decide how best to engage with parents.
  5. Governing bodies will no longer have to automatically provide copies of section 5 inspection reports, section 48 religious inspection reports, interim assessment reports, or reports investigating complaints to all parents. They will have to notify parents of the results of sections 5 and 48 reports and where to access them, but will be required to  provide  hard copies where parents do not have access to the internet.
  6. Finally, legislation which enables the Secretary of State  to require governing bodies of maintained schools to set annual performance targets for results of public exams and National Curriculum tests is to be abolished.  

The Draft Deregulation Bill