Local employers to be encouraged to sit on governing bodies, says Nick Clegg


Speaking in London today, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, announced that as part of programme of measures designed to improve the provision of careers guidance and opportunities in schools, representatives of local employers would be encouraged to sit on all governing bodies.
The Deputy Prime Minister also announced that new guidance for schools on providing careers advice would be issued in the next few weeks.  This follows a recommendation in Ofsted’s report Going in the right direction? Careers guidance in schools from September 2012 which found that careers education was not good enough in most schools.   As part of the new guidance schools will be ‘given a new responsibility to develop close links with local employers’. Ofsted, will monitor how schools are delivering careers guidance during their future inspections and conduct a full review during 2015/16. 

Nick Clegg said: “Schools will have a new responsibility to develop close links with employers, across their local area. This is so that more young people can get the chance to meet successful business people, spend time working in their organisations and access valuable support like coaching or mentoring from people in the careers they want to do.
“We’re giving schools the flexibility to decide how best they can meet the standard of support Ofsted is looking for and we will see how this works over the next few months. But, if it still feels like young people aren’t getting the support they need, there are some specific things that I would like us to do in the next Parliament.
“This includes encouraging a representative for local employers to sit on every school governing body...”

Other measures announced in the speech entitled: ‘Better choices, better prospects: helping young people succeed’ include:
-          the introduction of a UCAS-style system for young people who do not want to go to university, managed by the            local authority.
-          opening job centres to 16 and 17 year olds for the first time
-          training for 18-21 year olds who do not have level 2 in maths and English.

Commenting on the announcement, Emma Knights, Chief executive of the NGA, said: “NGA is working with the Department for Education, SGOSS, the Education and Employers Taskforce and the Confederation of British Industry to attract more volunteers to the role of school governor. We welcome the focus given to school governance and encourage employers to make contact with their local governing bodies.” 

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