Lord Nash writes to Directors of Children's Services


Last month Lord Nash wrote to all chairs of governing boards. This month he has written to the heads of local authority children’s services, asking them to seize the opportunity created by re-constitution by setting high expectations of governing bodies wishing to agree a new instrument of government. He asks local authorities to challenge governing bodies to reflect honestly upon their effectiveness and structure.  

Re-constitution is the requirement of all state-maintained school governing bodies that they be constituted under the 2012 regulations by September 2015. Find out more about reconstitution.

In the letter, Lord Nash says the priority for local authorities must be to see that every governing body is constituted with governors who have the, “relevant skills to contribute to effective governance, encouraging ineffective governors to stand down and be replaced by new strong governors.”

You can read the letter to Directors of Children’s Services here.

You can read the letter to chairs of governing boards.