MPs release report into school partnerships


The House of Commons Education Select Committee has released its report into school partnerships following an inquiry. The report makes a number of recommendations, including:
  • That academy chains should be inspected by Ofsted with parents provided with information as to their performance;
  • The Government should widen its funding for partnerships beyond the sponsored academy route. Specifically, the Primary Chains Grant should be extended to federations;
  • That the Government ensures that outstanding converter academies are able to support other schools in the way that they feel best. Some schools may not wish to sponsor an academy and other types of partnerships should be actively encouraged; and
  • That the Government should formalise and publish the procedures for an academy to leave a chain by mutual consent. The Government should also explain how a school consistently judged Outstanding by Ofsted would be able to leave an academy chain where this is against the wishes of the chain.

NGA welcomes the report by the Select Committee. We are particularly pleased to see a recommendation for the primary chain grant being extended to federations. NGA has long sung the benefits of federating which we explained in our evidence to the Committee.

Education Select Committee - "School Partnerships and Cooperation"