Science and maths questions for secondary schools


NGA has been working with the Wellcome Trust for several months now on developing a set of questions for secondary school governing bodies about science and maths education. They are a tool to help governors better understand science and maths teaching in their school, by facilitating discussions with the headteacher and, where appropriate, other school staff. Each question comes with background evidence, benchmarking data and ideas for improvement. It is up to each governing body to use the questions as they see fit, and we envisage they will form part of the governing body's usual work, so any extra time commitment would be minimal.
The pilot has now officially launched, so any interested governors should:
  1. Visit to have a look at the questions.
  2. Complete this short evaluation questionnaire about the website, and fill out your contact details at the end of the survey to receive updates throughout the pilot. These will include the final evaluation survey, so it’s important that contact details are registered here.
  3. Share the questions with your governing body – also see the guidance on how to use the questions.