EBCs shelved and curriculum consultation launched


Today the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, announced that his plans for English Baccalaureate Certificates to replace GCSEs will be scrapped. In a speech to MPs, Mr Gove acknowledged that the controversial plans were "a bridge too far" amid a multitude of other policy changes to education. Instead, the government will focus on reforming GCSEs as set out in September. The new GCSEs in English, maths, the sciences, history, and geography will be first taught in 2015. They will have a more linear structure, so that modules cannot be re-sat, and will be structured differently. English and history will ask for extended writing, rather than "bite-sized and overly structured questions", whilst maths and science will have "a greater emphasis on quantitative problem-solving". Instead of the tiered system currently in place, Mr Gove suggests that all students take the same core exam, with brighter students also taking an extension paper. 

Mr Gove's speech can be found here

In other news, the draft national curriculum is now available and the consultation has been launched. The core subjects have remained the same, except that computing has replaced IT and has been added to key stages 1 and 2. You can see the draft of the new National Curriculum online, where you can also take part in the consultation.