NGA response to Ofsted's School Data Dashboard


Today, Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Ofsted, will launch a new School Data Dashboard that will provide a snapshot of school performance at Key Stage 1, 2 and 4. The dashboard can be used by school governors and by members of the public to check the performance of the school in which they are interested. He will also call for more paid governors, better training, and for more professional governors drawn from both the public and private sectors. A link to the dashboard can be found here.
Emma Knights, Chief Executive has given the following statement: “The National Governors’ Association welcomes the publication of Ofsted’s data dashboard as all governing bodies need to understand their school.  However most of this information is already available to governors in a different format; most governing bodies will be using more detailed data to monitor, evaluate and challenge school leaders and have sophisticated conversations about how to tackle the problems identified by the data. NGA agrees with Sir Michael Wilshaw in terms of what good governance looks like, and that there should be an expectation of training in order to understand the role and responsibilities before governors take up their posts.  There is already provision to pay governors on Interim Executive Boards that replace failed governing bodies, and the Department for Education supports the NGA’s view that there is no proven need or robust case for introducing payment for governors more widely.  Governors can do a professional business-like job without being paid.”
There is no evidence to suggest that paying governors would improve governance.  All surveys  show a significant majority of existing governors do not support remuneration; and question the motivation of those who would only govern for payment.  In 2011 just under 28% of respondents to our June survey supported remuneration for governors and in 2012 this had fallen further to 25%.