New School Performance Dashboard aims to provide detailed information for governors


On Friday 17th May, Fischer Family Trust (FFT) will be releasing a new School Performance Governor Dashboard aimed at all schools in England, working in partnership with the National Governors’ Association and the Wellcome Trust.

The FFT Governor Dashboard will help school governors hold schools to account, support and challenge the leadership team and make more informed strategic decisions.  It provides governors with information about:

  • Summary school performance: analysis of the main school performance indicators including attainment (pupil results), achievement (pupil progress) and a summary of strengths and weaknesses;
  • Subjects: an analysis of pupil progress in core subjects (primary) and GCSE subjects (secondary);
  • Pupil groups:  a simple chart showing the progress made by different pupil groups over 3 years including pupil premium pupils;
  • School context:  a breakdown of school cohort by pupil groups (school and national);
  • Attendance: an analysis of absence (by pupil groups) and attendance (by year group).
The headline school performance indicators in the FFT Governor Dashboard are consistent with information published in the Department for Education Performance Tables, the Ofsted School Data Dashboard and RAISEonline.  The dashboard also provides a wide range of school performance indicators which have been calculated by FFT, including value added pupil progress for all subjects, attendance by year group and a summary of strengths and weaknesses for the school. Governors will have the information they need to answer questions about how results and pupil progress compares to other schools, and see which pupil groups (e.g. FSM/pupil premium) are making good progress.  
All schools subscribing to FFT (most schools in England) will be able to download the FFT Governor Dashboard and accompanying training guides from FFTLive ( and share it easily with governors. FFT will continue developing the governor dashboard and plans for the next 12 months include extending the dashboard to Infant school (KS1) and Post-16 (KS5) and developing an online interactive dashboard. 
Paul Charman, a Director at FFT and Chair of Governors at Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy, said “For the first time, all governors will have the information they need to hold schools to account in a dashboard which is easy to use and understand.  FFT has been providing data to schools for ten years to support school improvement and now governors will be able to easily access this information as well.”
Commenting on the recent Ofsted Data Dashboard, Paul Charman said “Whilst the Ofsted dashboard provides a useful summary view for parents and governors, the new FFT dashboard should provide more of the detail needed for governors to really hold schools to account. FFT has worked closely with governors to develop the new dashboard. We’ve had very positive feedback from our pilot schools. The FFT dashboard provides a much richer set of information in a standard format which will help all governors to properly support and challenge their schools.”
Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the National Governors' Association, commented: “For the past two years the National Governors' Association has been calling for governing bodies to be given a specific summary of their school's performance data, and therefore we are delighted that FFT has taken up the challenge and stepped up to develop this dashboard alongside governors.  We are particularly pleased that the dashboard will be updated early in the autumn term with the summer results.  Of course school governors also need to know about the progress of pupils in each year at the school - and we are now working with partners to make this happen more effectively.”
Sir John Holman, Senior Fellow for Education at the Wellcome Trust, commented: “An important area of the Trust’s work is in supporting schools, where we believe the foundations of scientific excellence are laid. We have been developing a strand of work on school governance, realising that good governance is essential for achieving the very best education in any subject, science included.   Creating good information gateways such as the FFT dashboard - designed by governors, for governors - will give them the high level information they need to hold schools to account.  This complements Ofsted’s work in this area, and also links with the Trust’s Recommended Code of School Governance in terms of assessing school performance and informing the development of strategy.”
For more information, contact:

Paul Charman
Strategy and Operations Director
T +44 (0)1446 776262 or 07739 711850
Emma Knights
Chief Executive
The National Governors’ Association
T +44 (0)121 237 3780 or 07967 380 576
Lalage Smyth
Media Officer
Wellcome Trust
Tel +44 (0) 20 7611 8726
Notes to Editors

An example of the FFT Governor Dashboard can be downloaded from the FFT website:
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Since 2001, FFT has been an independent source of data and analysis for Local Authorities and schools in England and Wales. Today, FFT provides analyses which help schools, academies and LAs to evaluate school performance and support the setting of pupil and school targets for the future.     All LAs in England and Wales subscribe to FFT on behalf of their schools and FFT is used by almost all schools.  FFT is a not-for-profit company linked to the Fischer Family Trust (founded by Mike Fischer).
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