New advice on performance related pay


The new advice principally concerns the introduction of performance related pay for the next school year. The School Teachers’ Pay & Condition Document 2013 (STPCD) has also been published – albeit in draft form awaiting final pay scales following the School Teachers’ Review Body’s (STRB) recommendations on how the 1% pay rise should be implemented. The STPCD has been substantially amended to take account of the STRB’s recommendations made last December. The full advice can be found here.

The Secretary of State for Education has also issued a further remit letter to the STRB asking it to consider the following three issues:
  • how to provide a simplified and flexible framework for ensuring school leaders' pay is appropriate to the challenge of the post and their contribution to their school or schools;
  • how the current detailed provisions for allowances, other pay flexibilities and safeguarding could be reformed to allow a simpler and more flexible STPCD; and
  • how the framework for teachers' non-pay conditions of service could be reformed to raise the status of the profession and support the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers, and raise standards of education for all children.