FFT Governor e-learning tool wins awards


The FFT Governor e-learning tool has won two accolades, a silver award at the National E-learning Awards, and a Bronze Fresh Award, highlighting the importance of providing support to governors and trustees when analysing school data.

The e-learning tool was developed by FFT and iFlourish to support the use and understanding of the FFT Governor dashboard – a six page report to help governors and trustees evaluate their school’s performance more effectively.

Both the dashboard and the e-learning tool have proved a major success with over 15,000 schools using the dashboard to analyse their school’s performance and more than 2,000 governors completing the e-learning modules to use data more effectively.

The governor e-learning tool, with its step-by-step interactive approach incorporating video, audio and animation, has helped governors to maximise the use of the Governor Dashboard to support and challenge their school.

Eighteen months on from when independent not-for-profit educational analysts FFT launched the Governor Dashboard, governors have become increasingly confident in the way they use data, with many using it as a point of reference when speaking to Ofsted inspectors.

Speaking about this, Emma Knights, Chief Executive of the National Governors’ Association (NGA), said: “Ofsted expects that at least one person on the governing body has in depth knowledge about the school’s performance, but inspectors will be impressed by the fact that any governor can pull this out of their pocket and say ‘I know and understand how my school is doing because I’ve seen this and it tells me'.  We are delighted that the e-learning tool has been recognized at these awards, and proud to have been a part of the tool’s development.”

Commenting on how the Governor Dashboard was developed, Director of FFT Paul Charman, said: “The tool was developed by governors for governors with the support of the NGA and Wellcome Trust.  We wanted to focus our design on presenting complex information in a way that would be clear and meaningful to them.  Individuals can be afraid to commit to becoming a governor, as they may assume that it requires educational expertise.  But tools like the Governor Dashboard and the e-learning tools are reported to be making the role easier by providing essential comparative performance data in a clear and simple format.’

“We believe that equipping governors with data is a powerful way of ensuring that they can hold their school to account. Using our platform, where a school’s performance can be viewed instantly, flags up problems that governors can investigate. 

The e-learning tool for governors can be found at elearning.fft.org.uk

The updated Governor Dashboards for key stages 1 and 2 are available from today (11 November) and the key stage 4 Dashboards will be available on 25 November. Find out more about the Governor Dashboard here.