Survey of headteacher appraisal extended


Survey of head teacher appraisal – Closing date extended to April 22nd!

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to respond to the survey on head teacher appraisal advertised in our March and April bulletins. The response has been encouraging but researchers are still eager to have input from as schools across England. The closing date of the survey has been extended until April 22nd to allow as many schools as possible to take part. If you are responsible for head teacher appraisal at your school, please go to the questionnaire here:
If you are not responsible for the head teacher appraisal process please forward the above to the relevant governor. Responses are confidential. No school or group of schools will be specifically identified in reports.

About the research

The London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education (IOE), University of London; the University of Bath; and the University of Cambridge have been commissioned by the DfE to undertake research into the effective management of head teacher performance. The study is currently surveying governing bodies about the process of head teacher appraisal. The survey is of all governing bodies of state-maintained schools and academies in England. This is the first survey to be undertaken about the important process of head teacher appraisal.

The research also involves case studies of exemplary and/or innovative practice in the effective management of head teacher performance. Researchers are especially interested in initiatives that have led to rapid and positive development of governing body practice in schools in challenging circumstances. If you know of a school or group of schools that fits this description, please contact one of the directors:
Dr David Eddy Spicer and Dr Megan Crawford (Cambridge) are directing this project with Professor Peter Earley  and Professor Chris James (University of Bath) acting as co-directors. 

For further details about the project, please visit their website.