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A network for school governors and trustees aged under 40.


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The Young Governors’ Network is for governors and trustees aged under 40. The network was initially set up as a pilot, so that younger governors can find support and resources, share any problems they are facing, and improve their own practice.

After a successful year-long pilot, we are pleased to announce that we will continue to run the Young Governors’ Network and are looking at extending the network meetings to other regions in England, as well as providing online opportunities to continue discussions had at meetings. 

Why under 40?

The 2017 NGA/TES survey of over 5000 school governors and trustees found that only 10% of respondents were under 40, and just 1.1% were under 30. According to the Charity Commission the mean age of a charity trustee is 57, which is similar to our survey findings.

We believe increasing diversity on boards should be a priority for all schools, in order to avoid ‘groupthink’ and to ensure school governors represent the communities they serve. Supporting more young people to become effective governors is one way we hope to bring a broader range of perspectives to school boards.

If you’re committed to increasing diversity on boards too, we want to hear from you. 

Why should I join YGN?

Our mission is to support young people to volunteer by creating a network that can address the challenges that young people face when governing schools today.

YGN will be a community of interested, intelligent, creative and questioning young people committed to improving schools for everyone.  The network has been created by young people, for young people and is supported by the National Governance Association. 

If you’re a young governor or trustee, it could really help to speak to others about your experiences.

YGN will be an informal network, with meetings chaired by a young governor and activities led by its members.  It’s free to join and you don’t even have to be a member of NGA.

Our approach   

Through our network, we hope to support existing young governors to become more effective in their roles and to find ways to turn the situation of under representation around. Register your interest, follow us on social media and try to come along to one of our set-up events to find out more and tell us what you want from this group. 

We will be hosting the next Young Governors' Network meeting in London on Wednesday 29 November. Book your free place here.

Not 40 or under but still want to help?

Good! We really need your help to set-up the group and get young governors and trustees interested. You can help by bringing a young governor along to our autumn meetings or simply asking them to contact us for more information. You can also help by sending us any thoughts you might have on why boards struggle to recruit and retain young governors and trustees. Tell us about any success you’ve had and any useful resources you’ve found.     

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