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Training can be delivered via face-to-face and online workshops by NGA consultants. Our workshops are easily accessible and designed to be both interactive and engaging. They provide the opportunity to learn with fellow governors and trustees on a virtual or face-to-face basis.

Session impact

Strong strategic planning and leadership is something every board needs in order to effectively shape the practice and culture of their schools.

This introduction to being strategic will cover how to ensure your vision is met through strengthening your board’s strategic approaches.

The purpose of the session

The Department for Education’s (DfE) Competency Framework and Governance Handbook make it clear that strategic leadership is a core function for all governing boards and that effective boards ‘provide confident, strategic leadership to their organisations; they lead by example and set the tone from the top’.  However, unpicking what it means to be strategic in practice can be a challenge for leaders, governors and trustees.  By the end of the session your board will have a clear understanding of what constitutes strategic thinking and how it should inform planning cycles, monitoring and holding to account.

What will this session cover?

  • Why being strategic is a core governance function
  • Introducing The Framework for Governance
  • The strategic planning cycle
  • From strategy to practice
  • Governing principles
  • Next steps

Who should attend?

Governors, trustees and academy committee members

The clerk

The senior leadership team

How will the session work?

This is a two hour session

The session is suitable for a group of schools to share 

All NGA sessions are interactive and provide information, activities and opportunities for discussion

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