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Training can be delivered via face-to-face and online workshops by NGA consultants. Our workshops are easily accessible and designed to be both interactive and engaging. They provide the opportunity to learn with fellow governors and trustees on a virtual or face-to-face basis.

Session impact

What will your school or trust look like in three years?

What elements could threaten your plans?

Taking time out from routine board business to future plan and decide what you want your trust to look like in three to five years can seem like a challenge. However, how can you progress if you don’t have a clear vision in place and a strategy to achieve it?

The purpose of the session

By the end of this session your board will have a clear understanding of what your mission, ethos, vision and strategy should look like. You will also have an outline of how your ideas can be captured in a framework which will enable the board to track progress towards achieving your new vision.

What will this session cover?

  • Why being strategic is a core board function
  • Horizon scanning for issues likely to affect your trust’s future
  • A SWOT analysis of current strengths and weaknesses
  • Input from senior executive leaders
  • Blue sky thinking on ideas for the future
  • Possible next steps

Who should attend?

Trustees and academy committee members

The company secretary and / or clerk

The CEO and senior leadership team

How will the session work?

This is a half day session i.e. at least three hours will be needed to achieve the session’s purpose 

This session is best delivered as an ‘away day’ type event, allowing half a day

The session will be preceded by the consultant liaising by phone with both the chair and the senior executive leader to ensure that the session is bespoke to the trust’s circumstances

All NGA sessions are interactive and provide information, activities and opportunities for discussion

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