Bespoke training

MATs and other groups often benefit from training being aligned to their governance structure and context.  For example:

  • Induction and sessions on roles and responsibilities can be tailored so that they describe and explain your school or trust’s structure and ways of working
  • Localised issues such as addressing falling or rising school rolls can cover your local authority’s strategy, associated challenges, and implications for the management of change
  • Issues specific to your school or trust can be addressed, for example the need to team build, learning about what being strategic means in your context, panel work procedures (eg hearing exclusions, handling formal complaints), how your school or trust’s performance management policy can be used to greater effect

Alternatively a combination of standard sessions can be planned, focusing on those areas most relevant to your school or trust, so providing an extended session of knowledge transfer and learning for your governors and trustees

NGA’s expertise means that:

  • All our sessions can be adapted to your specific governance structure and circumstances
  • Our experienced consultants can bring their wealth of experience to make sessions pertinent to the context in which you are governing

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