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From launching Learning Link in 2017 to celebrating our second anniversary this week, we thought we’d take the time to reflect on what we have achieved over the last two years.

Our journey began with a clear goal in mind – to provide schools governors with high-quality online learning that fits their needs. We used the suite of modules inherited from GEL as our foundation and set out to create quality content that covered a wide range of governance topics.

2018 saw a great year for Learning Link: With over 20,000 users, 50+ governance modules and a collaboration with the Arts Council England on a brand new module, which cemented Learning Link’s place as the e-learning platform of choice for school governors

As we approach our second anniversary, we are proud to report continuous growth with over 40% of schools in England now purchasing a learning link subscription. These numbers are continuing to grow, strengthening our position as experts in the field. This year has also seen an increase in active users, with our numbers increasing by 45% since launch in 2017!

The E-learning platform of choice for school governors

The past year has seen us working hard to bring users brand new content in-line with the latest e-learning trends.

Our collaboration with Arts Council England helped us to branch out into a new area of school governance. The ‘Arts and Cultural Education: Improving your school and its curriculum’ module is just one of the modules we are proud to have launched this year, alongside ‘Effective MAT Governance’ created by our in-house MAT experts.

Both modules have been a hit with our users with 98% of learners confirming they would recommend the modules to fellow governors. These modules add to the already diverse selection of content available on the platform, with our offer including more governance related learning than anyone else in the market.

To ensure that we are staying at the forefront of governance training, we are committed to refreshing and developing our content with the latest e-learning trends in mind. ‘Just-in-time’ learning is a trend we have seen a shift towards, with this reiterated in our own audience research. We have reflected on this and ensured that Learning Link continues to give governors the means to refresh their knowledge on a topic before a board meeting, school visit or panel, and provides an invaluable resource for schools that ensures their governors can access vital training whenever they might need it.

We think you’ll agree the successes from the past two years speak for themselves and we’re far from finished.

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What’s next for Learning Link?

Current thinking in the sector points to shorter pieces of content being the most effective way of learning. As such, we are developing a number of bite-sized modules covering topics such as exclusions, school visits and stakeholder engagement that will be released by the autumn term along with a comprehensive module covering succession planning.

This move towards shorter, sharper content also aligns with the thoughts of our users – when asked what type of content learners would like to see on the platform, 86% responded with bite-sized modules. In addition to creating new bite-sized content to service this need, we are also busy re-purposing some of our existing content. Our eight core modules currently provide in-depth and immersive learning in key governance areas. In order to appeal to a wider audience and facilitate the ‘just-in-time’ approach, we will be breaking these modules up into bite-sized pieces of content over the course of the year, starting with the module ‘Working Together: Building the team and improving the organisation’, the first of which will be available soon.

We hope that this update has given you a useful insight into our plans for the next year of Learning Link and are excited to share our e-learning journey with you over the next 12 months!

“This module has been timely for me and has given me confidence in my role on the exclusions panel”

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