Module at a glance
 Getting to know the law

This module will help you to:

  • Understand an important part of the clerk’s role
  • Be familiar with the key documents, both for maintained schools and academies
  • Have developed your research skills
  • Be able to intervene confidently and appropriately in governing board work
Study time: Approximately 55 mins

As a clerk, you are in a unique position to advise and intervene in governing board work.

To enable you to do so effectively, we have designed this engaging module for clerks of both schools and academies to ensure you have the relevant knowledge and skills.

Upon completion of this learning shot, you will a clear understanding of the law around governance to ensure you can successfully perform this key clerking role.

You will also have developed your research skills and have the means to intervene confidently and appropriately in board discussions.

To ensure you have the relevant knowledge to carry out this vital role, you can find this module in your learning link account.

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