Handling difficult situations

Handling difficult situations

Module at a glance
Handling difficult situations

This module will help you to:

  • Know what kind of problems may arise in a governing board
  • Understand the role of different people on the governing board in trying to resolve difficulties and disputes
  • Understand what contribution you can make in supporting the governing board in tackling these problems
Study time: Approximately 55 mins

When difficult situations arise, it can be hard to know the best to way to handle them.

 However, problems can arise on a governing board and you need to know how to resolve them effectively and professionally. We have designed this bite sized training module to equip you with the relevant knowledge needed to ensure you can navigate a difficult situation with ease.

Upon completion of this module, you will know what kind of problems can surface on a governing board and the role people have in resolving difficulties and disputes.

You will also understand what contribution you can make in supporting the board to tackle these problems.

To ensure you can navigate difficult situations effectively, you can find this module in your learning link account.

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